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About these DIY Easter crackers:

Easter crackers are a thing, and we've put a crafty twist on it. Kids can spend time colouring in the eight Spring Bunny DIY Easter Crackers then, with more grown up help, put the tissue hat, bingo card and snap into the cracker to be wrapped up with raffia. On Easter Sunday there will be a special homemade cracker for everyone and a round of bingo for all to enjoy.

8 x colour in crackers (8") - 2 x bunny, 2 x chick, 2 x leaping bunny, 2 x lamb
8 x tissue paper hats - 4 x green, 4 x yellow
8 x cracker snaps
16 x pre-cut yellow raffia ribbon
8 x joke or trivia or game
1 x instruction sheet
8 x bingo cards
1 x bingo numbers sheet

Spring Bunny DIY Easter crackers - 8pk