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We know it can be hard to drag the kids away from their screens and devices these days. Save your customers from square eyes and create some quality family memories with this compilation of party games.


Designed for the whole family, this unique board game has 6 family favourite games all cleverly merged into one! Great for entertaining kids, adults and grandparents - simply spin the wheel to choose the next game and prepare for a games night like no other.


Available in quantities of four, this family board game is perfect to sell all year round in a gift shop, lifestyle store, garden centre or online games store.

Contents includes:
An Instruction booklet, 180x Games Cards, 4x Playing Pieces, 1x Gameboard, 1x Spinner, 1x Paper Pad and 1x Pencil

Recommended for age 9+ and 4+ players.

Host Your Own Kids vs Adults Party Board Game